Some of my Favorite Digital Artists

There are a few artists that I have discovered through devientart that I find to be very notable artists in my field of artistic interests. Some of my top favorite artists are listed in this post:

One artist that I find incredibly inspiring is Otis Frampton. His style is right up my ally for what I intend my graphic novel to be like. (view his webpage here)

His edgy, yet still reminiscent of cartoon style draws me in to all of his work. He has the absolute perfect blend between the two. I find it to be genius! I especially love his “Escape from Planet Nowhere” series.

Another artist that I find incredibly inspiring is Delia Barrio. Her comics greatly inspire much of cartoon work. Her quirkly lovable style makes her characters absolutely come to life, something I hope to achieve with my cartoon. I also love the strong, vibrant colors that she uses as well as the excellent development in storyline and characters. (view her webpage here)

The final artist for this week is Tracy J. Butler. Although her comic consists entirely of animorphic cats, it still is fabulous. She also often draws the characters as humans and I find them equally as impressive. It’s flapper-era setting, fashion, and story are to die for. Its full of action, humor, romance, and suspense. All make for an excellent read as well as some high powered digital art skills as well. A link fo here webpage can be found here.

I strongly suggest that you check out each of these artists and spend a good amount of time in each of their galleries, you will not be disappointed! Each artist is very talented and deserves to be applauded for it. Not only are they a huge inspiration to me as an artist, but I also find all of their work just plain enjoyable. They each have such distinct and respectable styles and I highly appreciate and look up to this as a fellow artist myself.

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Realizations during the construction of a Portfolio

For an assignment for a class of mine, I was required to construct a portfolio of all my past and current work. As I was trying to decide what to put in it, I came across my old sketchbooks. The pages were filled with projects that I had just about completely forgot existed. Looking back towards this did not discourage me because of their quality, but actually inspired me. It has been a long time since I quit working on my cartoons and comics that I started back in my senior year of high school and my freshman year in college. The sketches were not as bad as I remember them being at the time, as a matter of fact many of them were even better that some doodles I do here and there today. This really proves what happens when you remain out of practice for so long. This goes to show that when it comes to art, you should never quit at it, even if you are discouraged, because getting out of practice is a very real threat to the overall quality of your pieces.This also shows that sometimes you have to take a step back from something to realize its true success. Even though I am now out of practice, I can now see what my potential once was and strive to not only get back there, but to succeed past it.


The characters that were long dead suddenly cried out to come back to life. For the longest time I had given up on these do to lack of motivation, time, and self esteem. But rediscovering them has reversed all of that. Although time is still an issue, the other two hinderances are not. I definitely plan on picking up where I left off in 2009. So much time and effort and thought process were put in these projects, they deserve to be picked back up again and not thrown away. With my new expanded knowledge in the Adobe suite, these projects will certainly be much easier, take less time, and have an overall better quality.

I feel completely refreshed and re-inspired, I havent felt this excited bout my art in a very long time. I find it funny that this all spawned off of digging through my closet just to find work to show from my past. This portfolio project was certianly a blessing in disguise when it comes to my art and where I plan to go with it.

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A Glimpse Into the Professional World

Very recently I have just been appointed as the graphic designer for the Kitchen of Love ministry that is based in Guatemala. They have just requested that I redesign their logo as well as start publishing a quarterly magazine for them. This is a big step for me and is definitely a glimpse into the professional world. I am feeling the full on stress of how it can be. This logo will be plastered all over the country of Guatemala and just the thought of that sets me off shaking in my boots! However I know that I will definitely pull through. The most difficult part of this is coming up with ideas that fit the criteria of what I need to design. However I feel that this will be an excellent step in exercising my professional abilities. Methods that I am using for these projects include InDesign placement, Illustrator design, as well as the use of Photoshop.

The logo that I must redesign.

Another thing that I am involved with is the placement of a book that my boyfriend is getting professionally published. This is an entire different type of stress; this can make his book either sink or swim. However, I know that I will pull through in time.  The current methods that I am using in this project includes InDesign placement, logo design in Photoshop using the Color Select tool, as well as creating a captivating cover design. This project is helping me learn how to create off of a printer’s required standards as well as producing captivating designs.

I find these opportunities, as well as even more that I am involved in (such as business cards, promotional material, as well as my job at ISE) as very exciting experiences and make me eager to learn more about the graphic design world. This makes me want to further pursue my abilities in this field.

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Inspiration from Tiny Panels

One type of art that I am very drawn to is graphic novels and comic books. Although I don’t often have the time to invest in them that I wish I did. However very recently I have been very intrigued with the process of adapting these graphic novels into other types of media, especially film and movie, as well as video games. Some of the top titles that I have really been into lately include The Walking Dead, Spiderman, Batman and many of the superheroes. There is just something magical about watching an artists work that was drawn out on paper spring to life. I find this incredibly inspiring. Watching these movies and playing these games have inspired me to begin some of my own work.

Over the past year, I have been really thinking about creating my own graphic novel. Now, I dont ever see it becoming a feature film or video game someday, but sometimes its fun to think about what it would be like if it did. This would most likely be like The Walking Dead, a story of survivors in a harsh post apocalyptic world set in a nuclear winter and facing a despot dictator hungary for power. The interesting thing is that I came up with this before I even found this treasure by Robert Kirkman, this was an idea that just popped into my head late at night one day over a year ago.

I have recently become very excited about the whole process toward making this come to life. I have been recently writing out generally summaries of the issues, or chapters. I also have created some basic characters descriptions and I have started working on some sketches. I want to take some advanced digital illustration classes as well as watch tutorials to learn about layout. This is a new hobby of mine that I am very excited to pursue.

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Video Game Graphics through Time and their Relevance to Me.

Video Game Graphics Evolution Over the Past 25 Years

This is a very interesting list of games that pushed the limits of graphics for each year since 1987. This starts all the way back with the 2D Zelda 2 and tracks all the way this year and features Crysis 2, which happens to be my all time favorite video games which has served as an inspiration for many of works (including my post-apocalyptic digital composites, a graphic novel i have began plans for, and various other minor projects as well. It is just mind boggling to see how far graphics have come in the past 25 years and how they continue to grow. Many of my other favorite games were featured as well such as Super Mario 64 and Myst. Although I don’t really see a future for myself in video game graphics it is a topic that greatly inspires me. There is just something enthralling about the use of high quality graphics not only to create a game, but tell a story. This is a fun list to check out that highlights just how amazing the improvements have been in such a short amount of time.

I was not surprised when Crysis 2 was labelled as one of the games with best graphics of all time, this is one of the reasons that greatly drew me towards it (that and the plot and setting is amazing). But what I find interesting is the method that they utilized to create their rendition of New York City. They took digital images of the real city and overlaid the “damaged” graphics to them, very much like the method that I used for the digital composites project. Its cool to see methods I understand being used in the real world. Another game uses a fairly similar techinque but surprisingly didn’t make it to this list. This game was another 2011 game known as L.A. Noire. This game utilized over 100 real actors in suits that helped collect data points to design the game characters. They also created a new technology to capture their true faces and place them on the characters, this makes the characters look almost completely life-like. It is completely amazing.

An example of my work inspired by games like Crysis 2.

these games can be viewed here: Cysis 2, L.A. Noire

Another thing that greatly inspires me about game design is the fact that my cousin, Kyle Gaulin, is very successful in this field. He works for Blur Animation Studio and has been involved in many big titles in the past few years, many of which I have played. He has also expanded his career to doing animations for many fairly known commercials and shorts as well, including a Goldfish commercial and the shorts at the beginning of FOX’s NFL games. My cousin is definitely a huge inspiration to me, not only in the area of animation and game design itself, but also just achieving success in the field of digital arts as well. Examples of his work can be viewed here:

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